My Flower Cake

white cream:

I chopped 2 white primrose cioco and put them in a saucepan on the fire together with 50gr. Butter and 15o ml. Pastry cream and I mixed continuously until the chocolate and butter melted. I don't have to boil the composition. When it's ready let it cool.

black cream:

3 cioco. I crushed them bitterly and put them on low heat together with 70gr. Butter and 400 ml pastry cream. After the butter and chocolate melted, I let it cool.

I drained the cherries (I cut them in half)

300 ml compote + 100 ml water and 4 ling.sugar I mixed them with 2 jelly cake sachets and I followed the instructions on the sachet for get the gelatin and let it cool until I saw it set.


I put the cherries cut in half in the shape of a bow and I put red gelatin over them. I left them to cool until it hardened.

When the white cream cooled, I added half a vial of vanilla essence to it and beat it well with the mixer, until a fine cream resulted.

I spread it well and as evenly as possible in the form of silicone, over the hardened gelatin.

I beat well with the dark chocolate cream mixer, in which I put a vial of rum essence. I spread half of it over the white cream, in the remaining cream I mixed the cherries, after which I spread it over the creams.

With a spoon I made some depressions in the cream where I put the rest of the remaining cherry jelly.

I made a syrup from the remaining cherry compote + water + sugar and when it cooled I soaked the biscuits that I put over the jelly.

I refrigerated the cake for a few hours, then turned it over on a plate.

A sweet-sour cake came out .... super.

Enjoy your meal!!!!

Flower messages for friends

  • To receive flowers for your birthday, to learn from every flower to love, to be tender, to enlighten those around you, to let them admire you, to bring joy and celebration. Happy birthday to Florii!
  • For your birthday, beautiful flower, to smile, to say what you want, to laugh with your mouth to your ears, to love, to be happy and fulfilled. Happy Birthday!
  • The scent of Flowers to enter your house with a lot of abundance and growth in everything! Happy Birthday!
  • It's time to be reborn with Spring, it's time to say & # 8220Happy Birthday! & # 8221 to the most beautiful flower in our lives!
  • Today, being a beautiful day and knowing that it is your day, in the scent of the morning, I want to congratulate you. Happy birthday to Florii!

Happy Birthday Flowers & # 8211 messages and wishes

Mackerel with beetroot and celery salad

One serving contains: 211 Kcal, 11 g Carbohydrates, 20 g Protein, 9.6 g Fat, 3.6 g Fiber.

Ingredients for 2 servings

  • Macro (200 g)
  • Fresh red beets (200 g)
  • Fresh celery stalk (100 g)
  • Olive oil (2 teaspoons)
  • Garlic (4 puppies)

Spices and herbs: Fresh parsley leaves, Lemon juice, Apple juice, Freshly ground black pepper, Salt

Method of preparation

Macro the grill

  1. Clean the fish and remove the head, then make a few transverse cuts along the entire length of the fish. Grease the fish on both sides with a mixture of ½ teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice, crushed garlic, pepper and salt.
  2. Place in a preheated grill pan, leaving about 5-7 minutes on each side for a finger-thick fillet.

Beetroot and celery salad

  1. Make a dressing of ½ teaspoon of olive oil, lemon juice, black pepper and finely chopped parsley.
  2. Mix in a bowl the grated beets, finely chopped celery and apple juice, over which the dressing is poured.
  3. Serve decorated with parsley leaves.

These recipes are part of the book KiloStop Detox, which you can buy online.

I challenge you to try these recipes and tell me how they turned out. You can eat them at dinner (click here to see what time you can eat dinner) or at lunchtime, with a broccoli soup, for example. Click here to see how to prepare a delicious and low-calorie broccoli soup.

But be careful what you drink at the Florii table (see here Top 5 fattening drinks) and what dessert you choose so as not to destroy your diet. Click here to see how to prepare grilled pineapple or stuffed apples.

Customs and traditions of Flowers. Why eat fish

On Flowers, Orthodox Christians celebrate the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. At the same time, those named after flowers are celebrated. This year, the holiday is on April 1 and is celebrated on the Sunday before Easter. Romanians follow several traditions and customs.

De Florii eats fish, this being the second release from the Easter fast, after the one on the day of the Annunciation. The Orthodox Church approves of fish, because it is said that on this day Jesus asked to eat fish. It is said among the people that the fish eaten on this day has healing powers and whoever eats it will be cured of any disease.

On Flower Day, people bring willow branches to the church, which are consecrated and then placed on icons, fruit trees to help them bear fruit, or the door of the house to be protected all year round. According to the faith, the branches help to cure diseases, in abundance in the household and are kept throughout the year, until the next Feast of Flowers.

Around 1.5 million Romanians celebrate their name day. Of those celebrated, nearly 900,000 are women, statistics show. The most common names in women are Viorica, Florentina, Florica. There are also Romanians with rarer names, such as Garofiţa, Micşunica, Panseluţa or Crizantema.

For men, those named Florin, Viorel, Florian, the most common, as well as those baptized Trandafir, Bujor, Mărgărit or Crin are celebrated.

100% natural dandelion syrup recipe

100% natural dandelion syrup, explained step by step. Dandelion syrup, properties, areas of use, recipe with ingredients per gram and detailed preparation method.

In this atypical spring, which I could not enjoy as usual, with hikes in the forest and picking nettles on the banks of the Timiș, it brought me, however, something positive. I am referring to the fact that I became much more attentive to the things in my immediate vicinity, enjoying every new flower in the garden of the house, the only piece of nature that I was allowed to enjoy. The modest dandelion, which I would have ignored another time and which Vukomir would have mowed as soon as it appeared, brought us a lot of joy this year. No one was upset about the yellow flowers that "spoil" the lawn. We weren't even too interested in a thick, uniform layer of grass, like an English stadium. I let these popcorn grow freely and full of authentic life. And I went even further.


From these flowers I made a syrup as beautifully colored as it tastes good. May I also tell you how valuable this dandelion syrup is for health? It has an antioxidant role and helps cleanse the liver of toxins, as well as reducing the amount of fat in the liver. It is also good for regulating hormonal deficiencies and has an effect in reducing acne. And & # 8230 is good, meaning delicious!

The step-by-step recipe can be found below.

My Snickers Cake

For the top, mix the egg whites, add the sugar and mix until it melts. Mix flour with ground walnuts and baking powder. Over the egg whites, add a little by little the mixture of flour and nuts, mixing gently.

We pour the composition in a round tray (24cm) in which we put baking paper and put it in the preheated oven. We do the test with the toothpick to check if it is baked.

Let the countertop cool, then cut it in half horizontally.

Melt white chocolate with 100 ml liquid cream. Place food foil in the tray in which we baked the top, put the first piece of top and pour hot white chocolate. Allow to cool, then place in the cold until it hardens.

For the cream, mix the yolks well with 4 tablespoons of sugar. We grind the hazelnuts (I ground some, I left some larger pieces).

Caramelize 6 tablespoons of sugar, then gradually add the butter cut into pieces. If the sugar hardens, let it boil until it melts. Add the mixed yolks, stirring vigorously, then add the hazelnuts. Boil until the cream hardens, stirring constantly.

Let the cream cool. We put half of the cream over the layer of white chocolate, then we put the second top and over it the rest of the cream. Let it cool until we prepare the dark chocolate.

Melt the dark chocolate with 100 ml of liquid cream, remove the cake from the mold and pour the dark chocolate over the last layer of cream, letting it flow on the edges.

Garnish with chocolate flakes. Put the cake in the cold for a few hours.

The most beautiful Flowers messages 2018 for mom, dad, brother, sister, grandmother, grandfather, wife, husband, friends, girlfriend, mother-in-law, colleagues, aunt, uncle or cousins

You are like a ray of sunshine in a snowdrift, a white dove that makes its way through the mist of time, a flower that sways in the frozen earth, a spark of light in the azure sky, a whisper of love from the depths of my soul . Happy Birthday!

You are like the flowers from which you received the name, gentle, with an enticing scent, pure and sincere. Happy birthday Lacrimioara!

You are a wonderful and cheerful person. Your smiling face and warm heart light up my day. I hope you have a wonderful day with Florii!

Today he enters Jerusalem / Riding on a donkey. He is expected of the people, Like a great king.

A miracle! A miracle! And good luck to you, Happy Birthday!

It is a feast at the Flowers As it has never been before, For the One foretold by the prophets, Today in Jerusalem is shown. I wish you many years and a wonderful life.

Happy Birthday health and happiness! Let's have a drink, celebrating a Floricel! This is one of the funniest messages of Flowers.

Baked carp with tomatoes

For this recipe you will need: 500 grams of carp muscle, 2 tomatoes, 6 cloves of garlic, spices for fish, salt and oil.

Method of preparation: First wash the piece of carp muscle, then wipe and portion to the desired size. Then grease with oil and sprinkle a little salt and spices. After this step, add the pieces in a large stove tray. Place a baking sheet in the tray and cover it with oil.

After placing the fish, we will take care of the tomatoes, which we will wash very well in the first place. Then remove the core and cut into cubes. Over the chopped tomatoes, add the finely chopped garlic, salt and pepper. Place the tomatoes in the pan next to the fish and place the pan in the oven until the dish is ready.

Baked carp with tomatoes

Happy Birthday Flowers

I am glad that you exist in my life and I am glad that God has given you to me to enjoy your sincere and unconditional friendship. Happy birthday, Flowers!

You have appeared in my life as a miracle, it is not in vain that you bear a holy name, I now turn to you with a wish and with a good thought, to always be happy, to smile, to always laugh, and not to forget a moment, that you are my diamond! Happy birthday, my Violet!

May from this holy day, in the smooth path of your life, always a ray of sunshine rise that will bring you happiness and joy. Happy birthday to Florii!

On the occasion of celebrating the name, you receive a warm Happy Birthday, good health, many achievements and everything you want with your loved ones. Happy birthday to Florii!

Learn to forgive, to be better, wiser, to forgive me when I make mistakes and to teach me to be, in my turn, a better person. Happy birthday, Iris!

May from this holy day, in the smooth path of your life, always a ray of sunshine rise that will bring you happiness and joy. Happy birthday to Florii!

On Flowers, a great holiday receives from me the most sincere wishes for well-being, health, good luck and the fulfillment of all wishes!

Happy birthday Florica / Florin! Let the angels guide your steps and Jesus Christ light your way in life!

SMS for Flowers 2021

Today, being a beautiful day and knowing that it is your day, & icircn the scent of the morning, I want to congratulate you. Happy birthday to Florii!

To receive flowers for your birthday, to learn from every flower to love, to be tender, to shine on

Because flowers bloom every spring, Because we are young and love friendship, In her name and in all that is beautiful, I wish you happiness!

For your birthday, beautiful flower, to smile, to say what you want, to laugh with your mouth to your ears, to love, to be happy and fulfilled.

The roses you have gathered in the crown of your life, let them be filled today in a bouquet of fulfillment. May the flowers of love adorn your life and see all your desires fulfilled.