Dessert ragged pie December 1

First I prepared the filling. In a bowl I mixed cheese, sour cream, sugar, eggs and vanilla, I mixed and at the end I added the raisins. I melted the butter, I opened the pie sheets one by one.

I used a ceramic form with a diameter of 28 cm. I greased the form with butter and I placed in layers about 6 sheets of pie greased with butter between them. I cut the excess sheets from the edge, I poured half of the composition.

Separately I cut a few sheets of pie and mixed them with melted butter, then I sprinkled them on top of the composition, I poured the rest of the composition and on top I cut the remaining sheets, then I sprinkled them with melted butter.

I shaped the oven, the preheated oven, at 180 degrees C, under the grill on which I placed the mold I put a kettle with water, so that the pie does not burn. It is ready when the filling has set well, the toothpick test is done. Of course I cut such a hot piece, that's why I like cheese pie.

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