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Former Flight Attendant Reveals Gross Airline Food Secrets

This flight attendant thinks all flights should be BYOF — bring your own food. Because according to her disturbing account, airline food is much grosser than meets the eye.Shreyas P., who claims to have worked as a flight attendant for five major airlines, relayed her unfortunate behind-the-scenes discoveries about airplane refreshments in a thread on Quora.
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Berry jam

Ingredients for making berry jam Fresh strawberries 450-500 grams Sugar 300-400 grams Large lemon 1/2 portion Fresh blueberries 150 grams Fresh blackberries 150 grams Fresh raspberries 200 grams Main ingredients Blackberries, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries Portion 1 serving Print list Not do the products fit?
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Kastibay with mashed potatoes

Ingredients for making shake with mashed potatoes For the test: Wheat flour 600 grams Purified water 200 milliliters Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons Salt 1 teaspoon Butter 50-70 grams For the filling: Large size potatoes 3 pieces Large onions 1 piece Vegetable oil 2 tablespoons Green onion to taste Salt to taste Ground black pepper to taste Main ingredients Potato, Flour Portion 6 servings World cuisine Tatar cuisine Print this list Inappropriate products?
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Smoked salmon

Ingredients for cooking hot smoked salmon Ingredients for salting fish: Salmon fillet 1-2 pieces weighing 900-1000 grams Wedge syrup or smoke for smoking 2-3 tablespoons or to taste Brown sugar 1 tablespoon Coarse salt without iodine 2 tablespoons Pepper black ground floor of a teaspoon Allspice pepper ground floor of a teaspoon Ground laurel leaf 1 teaspoon Carnation ground floor teaspoon Ingredients for smoke: Juniper berries dried 15-20 pieces Black strong tea of ​​any grade 1 teaspoon without a hill Refined sugar 1-2 piece ka Main ingredients Salmon Portion 1 serving World cuisine Russian cuisine Print this list Foods not suitable?
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Potato pancakes with carrots

Ingredients for cooking potato pancakes with potatoes 5 pcs. 3 carrots Onion 1 pc. Premium wheat flour 1 tbsp. spoon Chicken egg 1 pc. Salt and black pepper to taste Vegetable oil for frying 4 tbsp. spoons Main ingredients Potato, Carrot, Eggs Portion 6-8 World cuisine Belarusian cuisine Print this list Foods not suitable?
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Lamb with quince

Ingredients for cooking mutton with quince. Fresh lamb flesh. 1.5 kg. Onion medium sized 2 pieces. Laurel medium sized 2-3 pieces. Fresh cardamom. 8 pods. Quince medium size. 2 pieces. Salt to taste. Ground black pepper to taste. ingredients Lamb, Quince Portion 10 servings Print list Inappropriate products?
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